Travel Inspired Finds from Rockett St George


So, first of all, apologies for the delay in sending out the first of this week’s posts. Being away and then catching up with friends has put me a little behind schedule. But fear not! In addition to discovering a few new (well to me at least) Swiss brands to introduce you to in due course, I had a fantastically welcome e-mail sitting in my inbox on return from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, from the super UK online interiors store Rockett St George.

Now, Rockett St George are a relatively new brand for me. I’ve only recently come across them as I’ve started undertaking some more serious research into interior design and style. But I am so happy that I found them! The background to the company is right up my street. Founded by two women, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, with a passion for finding quirky and unique pieces, and who wanted to set up a business that would allow them the flexibility to also look after their children, the brand is a real success story for female entrepreneurs who have a dream and do their utmost to make it happen. Great stuff. I also love the fact that both ladies have to approve any prospective items before they agree to sell them. They think about whether and how they would use an item in their own homes and how they would feel if someone bought them the item for them as a gift. If they don’t both love it, the item doesn’t make it on to the website.

So back to the email, which simply said: “We know that you love to find items for the home that you have never seen anywhere else and we make it our mission to source surprising and inspiring items. Our new collection includes Tropical Leaf Placemats, Cactus Marguerita Glasses, Embossed Tin Bins and more… inspired by travels and dreams.” Now of course this email wasn’t specifically addressed to me, but I felt like it could easily have been! I mean, how perfect does the above sound for a blogger like me obsessed with cool finds inspired by travel!? So naturally, I had to check out the new stock and thought I would do the decent thing and share a few key pieces with you all. I’ve deviated from the specific items listed in the email above, but, always one to break the rules, I still think that the items I’ve highlighted below would make wonderfully quirky additions to a personalised and eclectic home. I hope you agree.

First up is the Zaragoza dip dye cushion (available here). I’m a bit worried that all of my shopping posts include cushions, but hey, now you see why I named the blog as I did….! I don’t know exactly why I like this cushion so much, but I do. I think its the moody grey and black palette (I’m into my moody colours at the moment) that is quite striking. Its £47 which is a touch on the pricy side, but is made entirely of cotton, measures 50cm by 50cm, and would work equally well on a dark or a more neutrally coloured sofa/bed.


I love the effect of the zaragoza dip dye cushion – it would add a tribal feel to any living room

Second on my lust-list are these black geometric fruit bowls. Sold as a set of three, these ceramic bowls can be used for so much more than just fruit. I love that the black ceramic gives them a more tribal kind of look, but the geometric designs also hint at the Scandinavian inspired vases that are so popular at the moment. I also love that you can get all three bowls as a set for only £30 which I think is great value for money. Display them as a set or spread them out across different rooms. It’s up to you. Lovely.


What would you put in these geometric bowls? So many options….

Now I really love this next item which is a dappled metal candle wall sconce (get it here). Displayed as shown in the photograph against a dark background, this is a real statement piece that will set your room apart and get your friends and family asking where they can get one. It’s so dramatic, I just couldn’t not include it in my list of Rockett St George wants…..It can be yours for only £36!


Make a bold style statement with this wall sconce.

Lastly, I’ve been dying to include this last item, the green glazed cactus vase, in a post for ages, but haven’t yet found an appropriate way to do it. Hurrah that I have now fulfilled this wish! If you’re anything like me and spend much of your free time mooching around beautiful images on Pinterest and Instagram, you too will have seen that these cactus vases are uber popular right now. I love that they are cute and quirky, and importantly that they also add a sneaky dash of humour into an interior space. I mean no-one should take themselves or their interiors too seriously after all – life is too short! The vases are available in two sizes and cost £39 for the medium one, and £59 for the large one. There is also a smaller version available on the site in a marginally different design for £19. I’ve added an extra link to the teeny weeny one here in case you’re tempted.


Have a giggle at home with these fabulously cheerful cactus vases

These are just a handful of some of the weird and wonderful accessories that I have a particular eye on at Rockett St George at the moment. I’ve purposely not introduced you to the stunning wallpapers, striking furniture or gorgeously upholstered chairs for fear that you may be overwhelmed and have to sit down with a cup of tea (OK, so that was just me). But, if you’re feeling adventurous, do check out the Rockett St George website and see for yourself the lovingly curated collection of joy.  I’ll bring you a biscuit…..

Whilst I have your attention, I’d be keen to know what you’d like to see more of in future posts. If you have the time to comment and give me some feedback, I would be absolutely thrilled!

Happy travels and shopping,



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