Interiors Inspiration from Sydney, Australia

Last year I visited Australia for the first time. And I absolutely loved it. We only got to see a small part of this vast and amazing country (Sydney in New South Wales, and Port Douglas, north of Cairns in Queensland), but the time we spent there was truly wonderful in terms of landscape, wildlife, shopping and people.

Summer Bay aka Palm Beach

The gorgeous Summer Bay (for Home and Away fans) aka Palm Beach in Sydney

I was thinking about our visit the other day and I remembered the fantastic interiors inspiration I also got whilst we were there. I was genuinely surprised by the number of awesome interiors stores in Sydney and though they all differed in style, there was a clear theme of laid back style with some Scandinavian influences that I really connected with. I’ve started following a number of these cool stores on Instagram for daily inspiration, and I have not been disappointed. If you’re on instagram and fancy a look, I recommend my account @morecushions@indiebungalow, @lifeinteriors, @sibellacourt, and @koskela. Koskela has the added bonus of an overarching ethical approach to all of their products, working closely with aboriginal artists, and an aspiration to be a carbon neutral enterprise.

Koskela Ottoman

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I have also recently made an unexpected discovery. And that is, UGG Australia (you know – makers of the iconic sheepskin boots), do homewares! I mean, who knew?! Seriously, I thought they were all about the boots! The Autumn Interiors collection is really rather lovely however, and, as you would expect, strongly features sheepskin and other natural materials in neutral colours, not that dissimilar to the furry boots to which we are now all accustomed.  The collection will soon be available at, but in the meantime, you can see their take on the new collection here for a little pre-arrival inspiration.


The new UGG Home Interiors range is certainly consistent with the wider brand!

The other great thing that I have come across more recently is an Australian interiors website called With a strapline that I just couldn’t resist (it boasts “style without the snobbery”) this site is another one of those that you can get lost in for hours on end, looking up only to realise that it’s 2am, you’ve missed dinner, and have no clean tights for the morning. Damn. In all seriousness, there is just lots of great inspiration on here – shopping, interviews, expert tips and the latest happenings on the fantastically addictive Australian Home Renovation reality show, The Block, which I totally got hooked on when we visited last year.  I wonder if its available outside Australia…..?

Interiors Addict - Sydney Interiors Stores

Check out for great Aussie design inspo

If you want to discover more about the interiors on offer in the wonderful city of Sydney, here is a great post showcasing interior stylist Jason Grant’s top Sydney interiors stores. When (and I mean when – I’m totally returning) I get back to Sydney, I’ll be sure to check these out in person.

Sydney Opera House

On the ferry coming back from Manly Beach in Sydney

I am by no means an expert on what specifically sums up Australian style, if such a thing even exists (with a country so large and diverse, it’s probably too simplistic to refer simply to Australian style). But for me, in general, it conjures up images of cool, laid-back living, loads of light, natural materials, pops of colour and a hint of the beach. Ultimately, not that dissimilar to Scandinavian style, as seen in Oz Design Furniture‘s new collection. That’s probably why I like it so much!

Gorgeous grey sofa

Love the styling by Oz Design Furniture – the muted colours work so well.

So, what do you think? I hope I’ve given you a small flavour of the interiors inspiration that is on offer from Australia – a country that is geographically so far away from many of us, yet stylistically, closer than you think.

Is there such a thing as Australian style? And are there any key design features that make an Australian interior stand out from those elsewhere? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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