Global Inspiration Discovery: A Must-Try Finnish Textile Brand

One of the main hazards of writing an interiors blog is the need to keep up to date on what is happening in the wider interiors world, and of course, signing up to regular updates and newsletters from a range of global brands. This puts my willpower under a great deal of pressure as I genuinely love the brands and products I share with you! And this will be my second post that has been inspired by an email that has popped into my inbox, and that has introduced me to a new brand that I’ve not previously come across but am already totally hooked on.

But let’s start at the beginning…..I signed up to get regular updates from Cloudberry Living some time ago as its a website that offers a great variety of Scandinavian products and brands (Iittala, Normann Copenhagen, Sagaform, Fern Living, Marimekko etc). If you love a bit of Scandi style (and I mean who doesn’t these days?!), then do check them out – there’s some great items on sale at the moment too. Anyway, I usually spend time lusting over their gorgeous rugs, runners and tableware, however, the latest email update introduced me to a rather fabulous Finnish textile brand, Lapuan Kankurit, which has three major trends completely covered in its new collection. Run by a fourth generation weaver, Esko Hjelt, and his wife, Jaana, Lapuan Kankurit uses modern techniques to produce a range of products steeped in Finnish handicraft and history.

Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit – gorgeous Finnish textiles

First up –  the brand is Scandinavian, so already ticks one on-trend box. Great. The company is also a family run business that has been producing textiles from their own mill in Lapua, Finland, for almost 100 years. So that means they certainly know what they are doing, and I also like the fact that they have a focus on materials, quality and care for the environment. Always good to know. And if that wasn’t enough, all the items are completely affordable! Hurrah!

Koivu Tea Towel as seen on the globally inspired interiors blog

The Koivu birch tree tea towel would make a stylish addition to any kitchen

This Koivu birch tree tea towel was designed by Marja Rautianen and is made of woven linen and cotton in neutral tones designed to capture the texture and feel of the trees. Did you know that the birch is Finland’s national tree? That’s why you often see birch trees featured in Scandinavian modern design classics (I feel like somehow I should have known this!). The tea-towel is available for only £12 and the Koivu design is also available on a table runner with Cloudberry Living, and on a range of other textiles direct from Lapuan Kankurit.

The next trend box that this brand ticks is monochrome. Whilst technically monochrome means ‘one colour’ and can therefore be used to describe the use of any single colour in a scheme, it is most commonly referred to when talking about black and white. And if like me you have a teensy weensy Instagram obsession, you’ll know only too well that monochrome is BIG right now. So to fulfil all your monochrome, Scandinavian needs, how about this simply stunning Saaga Mohair Blanket?! Gorgeous, right!? Its £89.99 but looks worth every penny to me (am thinking snuggly wintry thoughts to justify the price)!

lapuankankurit blanket in grey black and white mohair via the globally inspired interiors blogs

Snuggle up for winter under this cosy mohair blanket

The third and final trend that this Finnish textiles brand offers is one of my personal favourites – geometrics. This is a trend that is still going strong – and rightly so as it is versatile and can work in both contemporary and more traditional schemes. These Harlekiini wool blankets are available in a range of colours and provide a bold geometric print to liven up grey wintry days. A perfectly reasonable £68 is all it costs for this 100% wool blanket which is an impressive size at 130x180cm. As always I have my eye on the beautiful blue one in the picture below.

Lapuan Kankurit Harlekiini Wool Blanket - as featured on the global interiors blog,

Get cosy in style with these bright and bold geometric print wool blankets. Perfect for draping over chairs and snuggling under on cold winter nights

In addition to the range of products featured on Cloudberry Living’s site, there is an even wider range of beautiful things (including everything you need for the sauna – pillows, slippers and seat covers!) on Lapuan Kankurit’s own website.  And just in time for Christmas gift ideas too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering this Finnish brand as much as I have. And when you next visit Helsinki (which I am hoping to do soon as it is one of the few European capitals that I have yet to get to), you can visit the Lapuan Kankurit store and showroom which opened in January 2015! Let me know if you go – I’d love to hear about your visit!

Happy travels, and shopping



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