H&M Home Spring Collection

I don’t often write about high street interiors brands. It’s not that I don’t like them (I do, very much), it’s mostly because a) they don’t often have a great deal of global flair which is what I’ve focused Needs More Cushions on, and b) lots of other great bloggers usually cover the new collections so well a post from me wouldn’t add much to the mix.

Today however I am making an exception, since the H&M Home Spring catalogue landed on my doorstep yesterday and it contained so many fabulous things that I couldn’t resist sharing them. In particular, their new ‘Earthy Emerald’ range got me a little giddy and had me reaching for the credit card (yes, yes, I know that’s not saying much for me, but it really is gorgeous!).

HandM Home Spring Collection on www.needsmorecushions.com - the home of interior inspiration

H&M’s Earthy Emerald collection is full of lush greens and natural textures

Whilst I regularly bang on about the need to ensure your home is filled with travel-inspired treasures to remind you of holidays past, we can’t always get away as much as we would like (I mean, I haven’t been away now since December! Such a hard life….). As such, I see nothing wrong with mixing up my genuinely global finds with more affordable pieces (like cushion covers) that I can switch out on a seasonal basis. Not that I am trying to justify splashing out on a few bits that will look just splendid in various parts of my home. No, not me. Never.

HandM Home Spring Collection on www.needsmorecushions.com - the home of global interior inspiration

Yes, yes and yes to beetles, leaf motifs and green velvet cushion covers.

It’s interesting that H&M Home have chosen to focus on tropical prints and patterns, as at the end of December, an article on interiors trends for 2016 on the Zoe Report said in no uncertain terms that banana leaf print had had its day. And that’s kind of why I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about so-called trends. I mean, I imagine that H&M Home’s collection will sell rather well, which either means that all of us who buy from it are like, so 2015, or adopt the attitude (as I do) of ‘if you like it, bloody buy it!’*

The beauty of the pieces in the H&M Home collection is their affordability. Fed up with your leaf print and beetle cushions in a couple of months time? No worries – you can change the covers to something else that takes your fancy and you’re not kicking yourself that you blew a whole load of cash on something you don’t like anymore. The cushions covers cost between £6.99 and £12.99, so hardly a major investment.

*the exception to this is when you are making a big purchase. Stick to classics and steer clear of anything that is too, well, now, or you risk some serious buyer’s remorse down the line.

HandM Home Spring collection on www.needsmorecushions.com - the home of global interior inspiration

More lush greens with a cheeky hint of turquoise

The other reason I like this collection (and now I’m getting to the global bit in case you were wondering), is that it has reminded me of how very much I want to visit Costa Rica. I don’t think that’s going to happen for us this year, but the country looks completely fabulous and offers a super mix of tropical rainforests and cloudforests, stunning beaches and volcanoes. What more could you ask of a holiday destination?!

So in the absence of being able to go on a tropical adventure, I’m going to indulge in a few seasonal pieces that bring the tropics (and some toucans) to me.

H and M Home Spring Collection on www.needsmorecushions.com - the home of global interiors inspiration

If you can’t get to the tropics, get the tropics to come to you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a quick meander through this very lovely spring collection and that it brings you some welcome distraction from the incessant rain we’ve been having! I should stress that I wasn’t paid to write this post – its entirely unsolicited because I’m a sucker for big leaf motifs!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on mixing global finds with high street items. Do you agree with this approach or am I selling out by featuring a more mainstream retailer? Let me know below – I can take it!

Happy travels, and shopping,


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    • 21st January 2016 / 1:08 pm

      Isn’t it fab!? There’s no way it’s a dead trend!

      • 26th January 2016 / 2:49 pm

        No way – makes you think of Summer

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