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Recently, there’s been alot of pared-back, global minimalism on the blog – perfect for you lovers of Scandinavian/Nordic style, but less exciting for those of you wanting a bit more in-your-face boho chic. So this post is for you, global maximalists! But wait Scandi lovers, don’t go! The beauty of the interiors, by US blogger and global style aficionado, Apartmentf15, that I’m featuring today is that they genuinely showcase how its possible to mix a range of items from different cultures and countries and still achieve a stylish and cohesive space.

Apartmentf15 on - the home of interior inspiration

One of my favourite of Apartmentf15’s vignettes – this one is African-inspired and just beautiful. Kuba cloth! Mudcloth! A Peacock Mirror! Gorgeous! Image Credit: Apartmentf15

For those of you that caught my post on my top 5 Instagram accounts (if not, catch it here – you won’t regret it!), Apartmentf15 was right up there. And it’s easy to see why – true global style from SO.MANY.PLACES – in every room and in each stylised vignette. I’ve picked out a few of my faves, with Apartmentf15’s kind permission, to show you. I hope you enjoy!

Apartmentf15 on - the home of global interior inspiration

A perfectly styled shot, featuring dark woods (love the Indian ottoman) and African accessories (have just added a Bwa sun mask to my global want list), as well as a Moroccan rug and some bold wallpaper by Justina Blakeney for HyggeandWest. Image credit: Apartmentf15

Apartmentf15 on - the home of globally inspired interiors

One word guys. TEXTURE. Love it. Image credit: Apartmentf15

The image above is one of my absolute favourites. I adore the sheepskin which contrasts so well with the woods in the shot. And the use of the Moroccan wedding blanket fabrics in the cushion and the storage basket adds an additional dimension – particularly with the sparkle the sequins bring to the room. You can guess how I feel about the tassles (*squeals with delight!)

Apartmentf15 on - the home of globally inspired interiors

Another vignette that effortlessly mixes influences from around the globe. Oh is that a juju hat? I hardly noticed….! Image credit: Apartmentf15

Apartmentf15 on - the home of global interior inspiration

This time inspiration is drawn from the Orient. I love how ornate that cabinet is. Image credit: Apartmentf15

The traditional Japanese detailing on the cushions above work well with the wall-hung kimono. I love that an old piece of wood is used as a hanger which adds a lovely rustic touch to the sleek Japanese inspired styling.

Apartmentf15 on

Over to Turkey now with this beautiful hammam sink. Image credit: Apartmentf15

From Japan to Turkey, where Apartmentf15’s bathroom draws influence from Turkish hammams. The statement tap is fantastic – and looks far easier to keep clean than my stainless steel run of the mill one – and I love the ornate, metallic accessories which add a luxurious feel.

Apartmentf15 on - the home of global interior inspiration

A light, bright and breezy bedroom with a cool wall-mounted staghorn fern – set to be a big interiors trend for 2016 people. You heard it here first. Image credit: Apartmentf15

There is nothing that I dislike in this room. It’s light and bright. It’s literally dripping in Moroccan textiles (its great that we share a love of pompom blankets! I’m going to take that as total validation for my interior style and tastes), and the wood panelling and rustic ladder add further texture and interest.

Apartmentf15 on - the home of globally inspired interiors

#workspace goals Image credit: Apartmentf15

Above is Apartmentf15’s office. I love it. Understated but still effortlessly stylish with the monochrome working so well with the wood. I also adore the black and white prints showing close-ups of some of Apartmentf15’s amazing collection.

Apartmentf15 on - global interior inspiration

Want a lesson in styling the end of your bed? Boom! Here it is. You’re very welcome. Image credit: Apartmentf15

Apartmentf15 on - interior style inspired by global adventure

Honestly? I could just keep adding images. There is so much great stuff to see and to inspire…Image credit: Apartmentf15

I hope that you have enjoyed this quick journey into Apartmentf15’s home as much as I have. For (so much) more global inspiration, you can check out Apartmentf15 on Instagram, Pinterest and Blogspot for yourself. And to buy some of the items, check out the Instagram shop (US shipping only). Totally worth it!

Apartmentf15 on - interior style inspired by global adventure

Because I can’t get enough of Moroccan based inspiration! Image credit: Apartmentf15

So, what do you think? Would you like to see more of this kind of global styling on this blog? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy travels, and shopping



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