Home Style How To: Magnificently Minimalist Moroccan

I’m not big on themed rooms. Not since some of the horrors seen on home renovation shows of the 1990s (ugh, remember those? I’m having flashbacks of Egyptian hieroglyph stencils. Shudder). Wait! Don’t leave! I’m not about to suggest that I’ve changed my mind on themed rooms or anything like that. Oh no. But, I do think that there is a case to be made for designing a room drawing inspiration from a particular place, or using a number of objects from a favourite destination in a cohesive way. That’s not themed. It’s cool. Provided its done right.

Home Style How To: Modern Moroccan Interiors on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image from Pinterest

I doubt I’m ever going to be that cohesive.  In fact, I’m not sure I want to be. Rather, my dream is for each of the rooms in my home to showcase items from around the world as part of an overall contemporary scheme with a dash of global flair. But that’s not important for this post. I’m waffling. What I’m planning on doing today is setting out how you can create a Moroccan inspired look at home in a variety of contemporary, minimalist ways. Yup, I want you to leave this post (not now, silly, keep reading….) with a new take on Moroccan style.

I’ll take a guess that when you think of Moroccan style, you generally think of the super-traditional, boho-heavy, indulgent look, like in the photo above. Am I right? That’s ok, most people do (including me until reasonably recently). But Moroccan style doesn’t have to be that way, oh no. Check out the below images for some modern, minimalist Moroccan-inspired style. I challenge you not to love at least one of them.

Modern Moroccan when you love dark, indulgent colours

If you love colours, you’re not afraid of going bold and you have a thing for Moroccan, chances are you already have this look going on in your home. Maybe it’s full on Moroccan like the photo above, or a variant of it. Either way, this look is easy to achieve with some traditional textiles in indulgent fabrics and colours, mixed in with intricate metallic details in the lamps (I love that monster pendant in the shot above) and deep, dark wooden furniture. But what if you’re a fan of dark colours and making bold statements, but the look above is a little bit too, well, Moroccan?

Home Style How To: Modern Moroccan Interiors on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

From vosgesparis.com. Photo credit: Paulina Arcklin

How about this? A much more modern take, drawing clearly on traditional Moroccan influences like the leather pouffes and babouches. But the matt black wall makes this room feel much more contemporary, and has the added bonus of making the handira (the Moroccan wedding blanket) really pop! I also love the use of the oversized copper trays as an alternative to a headboard. Fabulous.

The image above offers up a bold statement take on modern Moroccan, using black and white tiles to create a striking feature wall. The detailing on the sofa and the coffee table offer a nod back to more traditional Moroccan roots, and the gold side tables bring in a cheeky touch of indulgent glamour. Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that it brings Moroccan style bang up to date!

Modern Moroccan when you prefer neutrals

Home Style How To: Magnificently Minimalist Moroccan Interiors on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Styled by Emily Henderson

I adore the bedroom above which has been wonderfully styled to reflect ‘casual global glam’ by Emily Henderson. Drawing on Moroccan influences, Emily’s modern take on this traditional style results in a light, bright and airy space that wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary home.  Just gorgeous.

Modern Moroccan for the more hardcore minimalist

What about if you just don’t do colour? You know who you are. And that’s ok, we love your stark, white spaces. In fact, we envy them, wishing we could be so disciplined! I bet you’ve always dismissed Moroccan haven’t you? Too much colour and clutter? But look what’s been achieved in the image below. Calming, relaxing and freakishly cool, non?

I adore the patterned tiles, the muted metallics in the Moroccan lamp, and the neutral colour hints in the pom pom blanket. I also rather like the use of the branches, bringing in some welcome natural textures. Here’s another shot from the same space, because I really rather love this.

The styling here is really exquisite – the ‘Hamsa’ hand design on the dining chairs, and the oversized silver decorative tray add some subtle traditional touches. Just wonderful. And I like the ‘lived in’ look created by the discarded hi-tops on the floor in a perfectly coordinated neutral tone.

Modern Moroccan when you’re a boho at heart

I couldn’t resist including this image which is a fabulously boho interpretation of modern Moroccan. I love it because its not too OTT – the rustic wooden elements add charm, and I love the inclusion of texture through the beni ourain rug and the grey pom pom blanket. The use of the silver metallic elements complement the space perfectly – and its certainly somewhere I’d be happy to hang out in! Wouldn’t you?

A truly modern approach to Modern Moroccan

My last image today is a bit of an odd one as it features modern Moroccan style that is so modern, it doesn’t actually include any traditional elements at all. It really is the ultimate modern take! It’s a bit of a controversial one, given that my blog is all about bringing home decorative items and textiles from your travels, but it certainly does draw its inspiration from traditional Morocco and thus, in my view, deserves to be featured.

I like that the traditional leather pouffes have been replaced with more contemporary woven ones in tonal greys and neutrals. The cut-out rug on the floor also draws on Moroccan influences, as does the contemporary pendant lamp in place of the more traditional brass or silver filigree designs. What I really like in this room is the subtlety of the style, and the inclusion of the super modern, and ultra bright, cobalt blue. It makes this room feel stylish and new but still offers real interest. Pretty impressive overall.

What do you think of this modern Moroccan gallery? Which one of these styles most speaks to you and why? Let me know by pinning your favourite!

Happy travels, and shopping



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