Welcome to the Jungle – tropical interiors to ensure winter survival

There hasn’t been that much sunshine in Wellington this Summer, though coming from the UK, this is not strange to me – it’s somehow quite reassuring. Everyone told me that February was going to be ‘the’ month – super sunny showing off the best that Wellington has to offer. And I guess Summer has kind of happened. We’ve had a week or so of no rain (except today) and some blue skies. It’s been great. However, I am becoming slightly alarmed at the prospect of Summer (or at least what there was of it) soon being over and everything going back to being grey. Gasp!

I have had to take action, exploring how I can get some summer vibes happening at home. For me, summer = tropical. So today, I’m talking about getting my jungle vibe on in the form of oversized statement leaves, bright blooms, and lush greenery. That should surely see me through the gloomy winter months…

The Jungle Wallpaper

Welcome to the Jungle baby on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Aja wallpaper in Khaki by Justina Blakeney for Hygge & West

One of the easiest ways to bring in jungle style at home is with a bold, statement print. This wallpaper, designed by Boho Queen Justina Blakeney for Hygge & West, is just that. Now if you haven’t previously come across her site, The Jungalow, you need to know that Justina does not do shy and retiring, minimalist or scandi. She does global maximalism – TO THE EXTREME. Her style is clashing prints, textures and an almost obscene use of greenery. It’s bloody brilliant and oh so individual. I have a copy of Justina’s book, the New Bohemians, and I love as it an occasional reference piece for when I get my ‘let’s get bold‘ moments when planning new decor schemes. Naturally, I nearly always wimp out before any statement wallpaper goes up, but I love the reverie and the dreams of what could be if only I was more brave….

Having said all that, I do intend to paper my entire dining room in this snazzy Honolulu palm print paper by Graham & Brown. It’s going to be fabulous and I’ve found a New Zealand stockist too. Hurrah!

Welcome to the Jungle baby on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: Graham & Brown

The Jungle Sofa

A perfect Summer statement piece, this Swoon Editions Calvin sofa is a key piece for bold print lovers. Pair with plain neutral coloured walls and blush pink cushions for a lighter look, or go truly bold with a dark botanical or clashing wallpaper print or cushions if you’re feeling a little saucy. [Confession – I found this a while ago and it has since sold out – SORRY! But the light grey version is still available on Swoon Editions’ site and could be teamed with a jungle print wallpaper or cushions for a more subtle effect…]

Welcome to the Jungle baby on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: Swoon Editions

The Jungle Cushion

Picking just one jungle cushion for this post has been a touch tricky – it seems that palm leaf, banana leaf, hibiscus flower, you name it, are all over a wide variety of cushions these days. Sigh, the jungle look is probably some kind of trend! Eeeek! Fret not though, dear reader, for I have found a special something for you.

Welcome to the Jungle baby on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: Katie Charleson

This gorgeous Tropical Print Black Pepper cushion by Katie Charleson is fabulous for several reasons:

  1. It has a lovely screen-printed design with a hand-dyed painted finish, meaning each piece is ever so slightly different and unique. I’m a big fan of pieces that are made with love and attention to detail as you know so this is  a big win for me;
  2. It is part of a wider ‘Palmhouse’ collection inspired by the Tropical Palm House at Kew Gardens in London, UK – a place I love; and
  3. In addition to the beautiful print on the front of the cushion, it has a DARK GREEN VELVET BACK! I absolutely adore the luxe feel of velvet and want to use this material more around my home. And having such a sumptuous finish makes this piece extremely versatile – you can change it up with the seasons or whenever you fancy a change just by flipping it over.

The Jungle Home Inspiration

Finally, here are some excellent examples of interior schemes that have fully embraced their inner jungle. So as not to terrify you, I’ll start with a more pared back version that I spotted on Temple and Webster’s blog. I love the use of natural materials, such as wicker, with the bold print on the walls. It works fantastically well, don’t you think?

Welcome to the Jungle - tropical interiors for winter survival on www.needsmorecushions.com - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit – Temple and Webster

This next one is a darker take on the tropical or jungle aesthetic but I think it looks fabulous. The trick is deciding what you want the focus of your space to be, letting it speak for itself and keep the other elements simple I think.

This is actually the office of Create and Cultivate founder, Jaclyn Johnson – you can see the full tour here if you’re interested. Its AMAZING. I haven’t actually got around to decorating the home office here yet. It currently has a mauve ceiling above the picture rail, and the smallest central light fitting you’ve ever seen. Oh yeah and a stained carpet with 90s curtains. Hardly inspirational. I should probably get started on changing it up soon or risk harming my creativity whilst working in here!

In the meantime though, what are your thoughts on jungle style at home? Does it bring forth feelings of Summer sun, holiday memories and the sudden need for a mojito? Or is it all a bit much? Do let me know by commenting below or say hello over on my new Facebook page – it will make my day!

Happy travels, and shopping



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