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As many of you will know, and those who don’t can guess due to the name of my site, I’m a touch cushion obsessed. I really can’t get enough of them. When we were doing up our first house (and in fact our subsequent homes), hubby and I would go to DIY stores or Ikea on a regular basis to pick up boring things like plasterboard. Yawn. And pretty much every time we went to such a place, I’d come back with a new cushion (or two). So when I started this blog and had to choose a name, our long-standing joke of us “needing more cushions” was an obvious choice.

Regular Features

I’ve been thinking for a while about some more regular features that I can bring you via the blog and my social media channels. I’ve a few cool ideas up my sleeve, but the first is going to be a short post every week, showcasing the NMC Cushion of the Week. I hope you like it. It’s a way of me showing you some of the cool cushions I’ve found from stores around the world you probably haven’t come across yet. I’d also love it if you gave me some feedback on the ones I pick, so I know what to show you more, or less, of.  I am here to serve after all.

Last week’s Cushion of the Week

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I actually shared my first ‘cushion of the week’ last week on my instagram account (which you can follow here – go on, it’s good) before I thought that a regular blog feature would be a good idea. So this week you actually get a bonus of two cushions! Hurrah!

New Friday Feature - the NMC Cushion of the Week - on - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: Five | Six Textiles

This blush beauty is the Siri Kourou cushion from a wonderful new start-up in the US called Five | Six Textiles. They work with a community of women in the Cote d’Ivoire using traditional weaving techniques to create beautiful, contemporary homewares. I’ve been lucky enough to interview the founders so look out for my write up of that in a post coming up soon.

In the meantime, this cushion is super stylish and would work in a range of interior schemes. I am thinking of teaming it with a chair I own that needs reupholstering. It is either going to be covered in tan leather or dark green/teal velvet. I can’t decide which. But either way, this blush bombshell will set it off a treat. Aces.

The Siri Kourou costs US$95 (approx. £76 or NZ$132) and worldwide shipping is available. And a percentage of each purchase goes towards supporting the artisans who made it and the local maternity clinic so you’ll get warm fuzzies along with a stylish statement piece.

This week’s Cushion of the Week

So, moving on to this week, I’ve opted for something a little different that I spotted on The Boho Bungalow, an Australian shop full of homeware joy. It’s called the Indigo Mudcloth & Banjara cushion, and it’s really rather lovely.

New Feature - the NMC Cushion of the Week - on - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: The Boho Bungalow

Despite being made with original African indigo mudcloth fabric, and including a vintage Indian Banjara patch, this cushion has a really contemporary feel. I like that the bright colours in the Banjara fabric are not too overpowering, but would contrast really well with a neutrally decorated scheme.

The Banjara tribe (also known as Lambani) are described on the site as a nomadic people from the northwestern belt of India. Lambani women specialise in lepo embroidery which involves stitching pieces of mirror, decorative beads and coins onto clothes. This isn’t something I’m familiar with but sounds fabulous. Let’s hope we see more of it.

The other thing I like about this cushion is that it is really different from many others available right now. The mixing of the two different traditional materials, and the clashing of the indigo’s subtle tones with the bold brights of the Banjara, give this cushion a real wow factor. I think it will certainly add that well-travelled feel to your home. It’s a touch more pricey than the Siri Kourou above though: this bad boy will set you back AUS$165 (NZ$144 or £84). International shipping is available too – just contact the store for a price.

Here’s a close up of that lovely detailing.

New Feature - the NMC Cushion of the Week - on - interior style inspired by global adventure

Image credit: The Boho Bungalow

So that’s it folks, my cushions of the week. More coming your way every week – I’ll also be sharing them on my instagram feed too, so feel free to join in the discussion there, or on my facebook page. Come on, it gets lonely out here on the world wide web….

What’s your view on the two I’ve shared with you so far? Love them or hate them? Let me know via the comments below.

Happy travels, and shopping






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