Needs More Cushions is a social enterprise employing refugee women to create stylish, contemporary homewares made from vintage and artisan made textiles from around the world

What is Needs More Cushions all about?

If you’re anything like me, you make ethical and socially responsible choices in most areas of your life. We give to charity, we buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, cruelty-free beauty buys, and we double check that the clothes we wear have been produced responsibly. But, hands up if you apply similar considerations when shopping for interiors? If you do already, I salute you! But until recently, I’ll admit that I just didn’t think about it. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of where I could buy interior accessories that had been ethically or socially produced in a sustainable way.

But what if…

  • it was possible to furnish and decorate your home with contemporary style and global flair as well as a clear conscience?
  • there was one go-to place where you could discover new brands, products and designs that offer guilt-free interior solutions?
  • you received regular guidance and inspiration on how to create and style an eclectic and personalised home whilst supporting communities around the world?

Welcome to Needs More Cushions

Whether you’re a bohemian maximalist with a thing for clashing prints, or a neutrals lover who craves interior calm, NMC showcases ethical interiors for every taste and style.

No mass-produced.

No big brands.

No selling out.

We want more for our homes, and more for the planet and its people.

Choose ethical.

Choose NMC

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  1. Kate Barry
    21st August 2015 / 10:30 am

    Love it!