NMC Values

NMC is a collaborative community for conscious-living people seeking an eclectic and personalised home whilst making the world a better place. Here, you’ll find some thought-provoking posts that seek to illustrate NMC values. Read on for posts that champion the global artisans, companies and charities that make beautiful, hand-crafted interiors, and that remind us how we can make a difference in the world through ethical interiors shopping.

Why is ethical fashion more important than ethical interiors?

I don’t know how much international traction it has received, but today in New Zealand, Tearfund published its Ethical Fashion Guide 2017. It’s great. It rates New Zealand fashion retailers on the ethical practices in their supply chains to give consumers a chance to vote with their wallets and support brands that take things like human rights seriously over those that…

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Is the concept of global interior style racist?

Soooooo, I guess you could say that this is not a typical post for me. I usually write posts that are light-hearted, up-beat and, well, about shopping for interiors products. Hardly high brow. But something grabbed my attention this weekend, and I kind of needed to write it up, put it out there and check it out with you guys.

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Why the ‘modern nomad’ interiors trend sucks

I can guess what you’re thinking. That I’ve lost my mind, right? That I should be happy that an interiors trend that focuses on creating a well travelled home has come to the fore? Ok, on some level, it is super satisfying to see glossy magazines confirm the fact that an eclectic home full of global influences is a winner*…

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