Posts on amazing places that I’ve visited and that you should visit too. With gorgeous photos to boot. I get so much of my inspiration from places overseas, they often spark off an interiors idea that I feel compelled to write about

Think ethical = boring? Five kick-ass brands to prove you wrong

Some days I just want to scream. I was reading an article the other day about business branding (because, you know, I know how to party..!). Anyway, the point the author made was that it is unhelpful for a business to include the word ‘ethical’ in its branding because people associate it with being boring. Ugh. Maaaaaaaan how frustrating! Years ago, it…

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Cushion of the Week: Mustard Mudcloth from YONDER.Living

I’ve finally taken photos of my latest purchase from one of my favourite UK online interior stores, YONDER.Living. Brimming with colourful products from around the world, YONDER.Living never fails to inspire me. I couldn’t resist their latest collection and was really taken with this mustard mudcloth cushion from Mali.  And yes, I may have bought some other things too, but let’s…

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The best ethical interiors shops in the UK

It shouldn’t be, but the fact is, it’s hard to find interiors that are guilt-free, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility on the UK’s high streets. Heck – on high streets anywhere, really. But it’s OK, as I have you covered with this post on the best ethical interiors shops in the UK. You’re very welcome…now go get…

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Cushion of the week: the OTO cushion by ANIZA

There is sometimes a perception that ethical or socially responsible products are boring, overly bohemian, or just lacking in style. I know, I know, it’s nonsense, right? Well, today’s cushion of the week – the OTO cushion by ANIZA – totally puts that silliness to bed. This cushion is all of the above good things, and none of the above bad things. It’s all…

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