Posts on amazing places that I’ve visited and that you should visit too. With gorgeous photos to boot. I get so much of my inspiration from places overseas, they often spark off an interiors idea that I feel compelled to write about

The best ethical interiors shops in the UK

It shouldn’t be, but the fact is, it’s hard to find interiors that are guilt-free, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility on the UK’s high streets. Heck – on high streets anywhere, really. But it’s OK, as I have you covered with this post on the best ethical interiors shops in the UK. You’re very welcome…now go get…

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Cushion of the week: the OTO cushion by ANIZA

There is sometimes a perception that ethical or socially responsible products are boring, overly bohemian, or just lacking in style. I know, I know, it’s nonsense, right? Well, today’s cushion of the week – the OTO cushion by ANIZA – totally puts that silliness to bed. This cushion is all of the above good things, and none of the above bad things. It’s all…

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Cushion of the week: The Ara Collective’s Indigo Xela

This week’s cushion of the week is the Indigo Xela by wonderful brand, the Ara Collective. The cushion itself needs little justification – it’s simply a stunner – but you may not have come across the Ara Collective before. Founded by Sarah Contrucci Smith, the company partners with artisans around the world to create limited edition pieces of home decor…

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Cushion of the Week: the Lin Cushion by Kalinko

Well hello there and happy Friday. How has your week been? Mine has been, well, mixed. It started with a migraine and ended up with a pulled muscle in my lower back. Hardly ideal! But Wellington has seen some sunshine this week and the books I ordered arrived, so overall I can’t complain. C’est la vie and all that. Right, time…

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