Posts on amazing places that I’ve visited and that you should visit too. With gorgeous photos to boot. I get so much of my inspiration from places overseas, they often spark off an interiors idea that I feel compelled to write about

Cushion of the Week: the Nizado Lumbar from The Citizenry

Happy Friday everyone! Well, it’s been an interesting week for me. From the overwhelming positivity of International Women’s Day (#feelingthelove) to connecting with a new blogger buddy over here in New Zealand (#buildingnetworks), I’m ready for a quiet weekend I think! But first, here is this week’s cushion of the week, and its a beauty….

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New Feature: Cushion of the Week

As many of you will know, and those who don’t can guess due to the name of my site, I’m a touch cushion obsessed. I really can’t get enough of them. When we were doing up our first house (and in fact our subsequent homes), hubby and I would go to DIY stores or Ikea on a regular basis to…

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High-end global interior style with a soul

I know, I know, it’s that time of year when I’m supposed to be writing an inspiring piece about my 2017 self-improvement goals. But a) I’m already fabulous (hehe!) and b) everybody is doing that and I like to be contrary. So I’m going to do something slightly different instead.  I want to introduce you to a brand that is high…

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5 amazing reasons you should live overseas

So the reason I’ve been a touch quiet of late is largely because I’ve taken the leap and moved from the UK to New Zealand. Yup, first Brussels and now Wellington – I have the taste for this living overseas lark now! Such a move involves quite a lot of mental energy and, oh the paperwork! Needless to say, NMC has…

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Check out Att Pynta’s stunning new furniture range

Just a quick post today to say thanks so much to all of you who participated in my first ever giveaway to win that lovely World Travel poster from Metropolife. Congratulations to Lorna Pearce on being the first NMC giveaway winner! And I also wanted to show you the gorgeous new furniture range that Scandi-influenced UK brand, Att Pynta, have just released. It’s…

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