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Home Style How To: Magnificently Minimalist Moroccan

I’m not big on themed rooms. Not since some of the horrors seen on home renovation shows of the 1990s (ugh, remember those? I’m having flashbacks of Egyptian hieroglyph stencils. Shudder). Wait! Don’t leave! I’m not about to suggest that I’ve changed my mind on themed rooms or anything like that. Oh no. But, I do think that there is…

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A Globally Inspired Home in Brussels, Belgium

I just adore the home in today’s post. Not only is it fabulously eclectic, full of texture and intrigue, it is also in Ixelles, the part of Brussels, Belgium that I used to live in. Originally featured in Milk Magazine, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you for a cheeky dose of design inspiration.

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How to haggle in the souks to get a fair price

My first foray into haggling took place around ten years ago, maybe longer. And, rather than being in a Moroccan souk, I was in a cute boutique on Columbia Road in London, eyeing up some porcelain mugs that were priced up individually. Having recently watched some programme or other recommending the benefits of haggling (I am easily influenced), I summoned…

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Global Interiors Inspiration: Apartmentf15

Recently, there’s been alot of pared-back, global minimalism on the blog – perfect for you lovers of Scandinavian/Nordic style, but less exciting for those of you wanting a bit more in-your-face boho chic. So this post is for you, global maximalists! But wait Scandi lovers, don’t go! The beauty of the interiors, by US blogger and global style aficionado, Apartmentf15,…

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