Mother's Day gifts with an ethical twist

Mother's Day gifts with an ethical twist

I know, I know, another Mother's Day gift guide. Yawn. Am I right? But before you click away, this one is a little different I promise. Unlike the other onslaught of promotions, Mother's Day sales, and way too many pink flowers making its way into your inbox, these ethical (and gorgeous) gift ideas are actually guaranteed to bring Mum joy, give you the warm fuzzies, and make a difference in someone else's life too. Everyone's a winner! 

Mother's Day gifts with an ethical twist - ethical gift guide

For the mum who has everything

Ever had that moment when you think you've found the perfect present after mentally logging something your mum had her eye on, getting it secretly, wrapping it beautifully and presenting it to her, only to find that the cheeky so and so had, in the meantime, gone out and got it herself? I've so been there and it sucks.

Alternatively, do you have a minimalist (or just ultra-picky) mum who is virtually impossible to buy for? 

Either way, forget physical gifts that she'll graciously receive, all the while secretly hoping you accidentally included the receipt amongst all that wrapping paper. Instead, consider getting her a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry - an awesome social venture that makes giving easy.

In a nutshell, you buy a Good Gift Card of any amount, and your recipient can then redeem it with any of the Gift Registry's partner charities. Gift cards are delivered by email along with instructions for redeeming them. Easy. And no forced 'thanks, it's just what I always wanted' moments.

Mother's day gifts with an ethical twist - ethical gift guide

For the homebody

Houseproud mum who loves her house looking tip top? How about one of our ethical mudcloth cushions?

Available in white, brown and vintage black, our mudcloth cushions offer muted, timeless style - and the best thing is that they go with everything so no need to worry about matching with any existing decor! The cotton fabric is hand-woven by artisans in Mali, West Africa and transformed into stunning cushions by our talented team of former refugee seamstresses forging new lives here in Wellington. Each cushion includes a cruelty-free feather inner for added luxury and a thankyou card hand-signed by the lady who made it. 

Shop our mudcloth cushions here and use code EthicalMum for 25% off.

Mother's day gifts with an ethical twist - ethical gift guide

For the super-stressed

When you're being pulled in multiple directions like so many busy mums, finding even a few moments to simply sit, take a deep breath, and relax can be tricky. Try to support the harassed mum in your life by getting her a scented candle that will envelop her in lovely smells and give her no choice but to take a moment and feel infinitely better. 

The best choice from a sustainability point of view is soy wax - it is naturally derived from soybeans and it burns more cleanly, and without harmful chemicals, than candles derived from paraffin wax. Plus it burns for longer so offers better value for money.

To support a home-grown New Zealand business which prides itself on quality (and gorgeous scents), my pick is Lyttelton Lights. They look good, smell amazing and represent all that's awesome about small business in NZ! 

Mother's day gifts with an ethical twist - ethical gift guide

For the gym bunny 

WE-AR is one of my favourite New Zealand brands - and with an ethos that states: 'We choose to act with kindness to create a ripple effect of well being', it's pretty hard to fault! They're a certifed B-Corporation which means they excel in ensuring their products meet a number of environmental and social standards. And as a result, you can be sure that by shopping with them, you're helping make the world a better place. 

If yoga is Mum's thing, then WE-AR's yoga mats make an excellent gift. Made from 100% naturally sourced rubber embedded with jute, they are non slip and hard-wearing. Oh, and they're also non toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. Yup - pretty awesome! WE-AR also offer gift vouchers too if you want to provide the gift of choice to the wonderful, exercise-crazy,mum in your life. 

That's my quick round-up of some ethical Mother's Day gift ideas for you to consider. With the rise of so many ethical businesses, there really is no need to compromise between style, luxury and ethics anymore. So don't - get a gift that Mum will love and that also benefits the world! 


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