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Ethical Living

Buying ethical interiors shouldn’t mean compromising on style.
Created from sustainable fabrics, our cushions
look good and do good.

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Creating a

better world

By supporting talented artisans, choosing eco-friendly fabrics,
keeping textiles out of landfill & providing employment to former refugees

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Curate a home that


We provide stylish, contemporary homewares
that help your home stand out from the crowd
without harming the planet and its people

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cushions that look good & do good BESTSELLERS

All limited edition, made by former refugees building new lives in New Zealand

Textures & tales

We believe it is possible to make beautiful products without mass production, dubious supply chains and environmental harm. Read our blog to learn how to create a more ethical and sustainable home with stylish products that have a story to tell.

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Can shopping buy happiness? The answer may surprise you!

Research has found that the initial buzz you get from shopping starts to wears off almost as soon as you swipe your credit card. But what if there was a way to prolong that happy feeling post-splurge? I think I've cracked the code and found an answer that complements the ethical and sustainable lifestyle I'm creating

Fairer Fabrics - why organic cotton is winning the interior style war

I had no idea of the environmental harm that conventional cotton production causes - to farmers, workers, us as consumers, and the planet. In contrast, organic cotton minimises this harm and may even help to save the planet. Find out how in this latest post and consider how we can help you create a more ethical home.

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